JFK SeaFood

JFK is a strong fish producing company, rich on natural resources, competences and production facilities. Building on the strong traditions of the company’s almost 100 years of history on the Faroe Islands.

Kósin Seafood

Landbased production in the Faroes

Food quality, safety, knowledge, and responsibility are the keywords in food production.

Steps are taken at every juncture of the fishing process to ensure that the products are fresh for the customer. All production is in accordance with HACCP principls



Kósarbrúgvin 3, P.O. Box 56

FO-710 Klaksvík, Faroe Islands

Tel +298 409900

Fax + 298 409901



Kósarbrúgvin 3, P.O. Box 56,

FO-710 Klaksvík, Faroe Islands

Tel +298 409900,

Fax +298 409901, jfk@jfk.fo



Frozen at Sea in the Barents Sea


Modern factory trawler harvesting Faroese quotas of cod . Utilising the allocated quotas in the sustainable fisheries in the Barents Sea, JFK harvests these fish resources to provide valuable and unique products for the customers, primarily in the UK. The quotas are allocated on the basis of JFK’s historic track record of continuously participating in the fisheries in the Barents Sea for the last decades. .